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Crystal Healing

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is relaxing, calming and helps your own body to heal and become balanced and energised. It works on the frequency and vibration channelled through the different crystals, depending on the individual.

By opening up the Chakras and realigning the body's energy fields it can promote a feeling of 
well being.

During times of disease and disharmony our vibrations may be lower than usual, so by carefully selecting a crystal that matches our own frequency in balance & harmony, we can gently raise that level of vibration back to its healthy and vibrant level.

If you want to see the amazing properties of crystals put a crystal into a plant pot and observe how the plant responds and flourishes.  

The client relaxes on a couch whilst calming music is played and crystals are placed on or around the body it is very gentle and soothing working on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of the individual. The hands of the healer will move strategically around the body unblocking and encouraging the flow of energy


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