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Reiki is a method of natural healing where the practitioner channels universal energy through their hands to the client. A Reiki session is a natural way to promote balance and harmony and stress relief. Treatment involves simply lying on a couch, the practitioner then places their hands in specific locations on the client’s body. Clients are treated fully clothed.

The experience of Reiki varies from one individual to another or even one session to the other as it is believed the healing energy will work on the areas that are most in need at that moment in time. Reiki energy has several basic properties. It brings deep relaxation, frees energy blockages and promotes energy and vitality. Healing is experienced on all levels - mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Those who use Reiki regularly often report feeling more joyful, more together, with a more positive approach to life along with increased energy levels, almost like their life battery has been recharged. Reiki is complementary to orthodox medicine; it is now used within the medical establishments such as hospices and rehabilitation wards. It is attributed to Dr. Mikao Usui a Japanese theologist who rediscovered the art of healing.

You do not have to believe in any religion or philosophy to benefit from a Reiki session just a desire or readiness to be soothed and loved.

The essence of Reiki is love

REIKI Practitioner Course.
Do you feel that you would like to become a Reiki practitioner and learn how to help others whilst furthering your own self development? Reiki degree courses are available here at Wellsprings.

Traditionally there are three levels of Reiki – First Degree, Second Degree and Masters. The first degree connects you to life energy you learn to give Reiki to yourself, others, animals and plants whilst learning the different uses of Reiki in everyday life.

The course involves a series of attunements to the Reiki energy, the theory, history and practical applications of Reiki.

At least a three month gap is recommended before taking the next stage, this gives the practitioner time to develop and use Reiki, it is also a time for self-development. Second Degree Reiki – For this level you learn how to use patterns or symbols to enable you to send healing over distances. The symbols are used to intensify the effect of “hands on healing” and to create a better atmosphere in the home and workplace. For those dedicated people who wish to teach others the next step is to become a Reiki Master. Traditionally a trainee Master undertakes a twelve month study period under the supervision of an experienced Master. Learning Reiki means that you can treat yourself every day. The more you give to others, the more benefits you receive yourself in the way of increased energy, good health and well-being. To train in Reiki and practice it all you need is the desire to heal others. 


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