Life Coaching

My overall aim is to help others delve beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs to help them understand internal obstacles, which hinder their success and wellbeing. The problem in denying these obstacles often results in stress and eventually Burnout a term defined as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion.

Stress and Burnout are often a consequence of

  1. Work and Family Pressures
  2. Lack of Work-Life Balance
  3. Loss of Motivation
  4. Unrealistic Goals and Demands

Each of us has a different set of fears, needs and insecurities, which produce self-limiting beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs are often formed during childhood and remain the code we adhere to.

By working through a specific program known as The LIGAT
program Let It Go And Thrive, an awareness and new focus can be established along with a better work life balance. The program is flexible to allow clients to discover their inner self-limiting beliefs and work towards their personal goals.

The LIGAT Program involves a collection of healing therapies to assist you in leading a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
They can include a range of therapies, such Daily Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Energy Medicine and Frequencies, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Tapping. The list is not conclusive other tools will be used, which reflect your individuality.

Having survived a challenging childhood and experienced Burn Out in February 2013, I can empathise with your challenges along with empowering you to discover your true self.

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