Wellsprings Holistic Clinic is sorry but if you book an appointment and fail to attend there will be a cancellation fee of £25.00 or cancel an appointment with less than 12 hours notice.

The following conditions of sale apply to all of the products and services offered by Wellsprings Holistic Clinic.  Named thereafter as the provider.

Anyone making an appointment or a booking with the provider agrees to the following terms and conditions of sale. Those will prevail above all other information, which may appear on internet sites or advertising.

Making an Appointment 

It is possible to make an appointment subject to availabilities up to 24 hours before hand.

An appointment becomes binding from the moment the provider has agreed and confirmed it.

If the provider is unable to make an appointment she will informed the client as soon as possible and an alternative suggested as close to the original appointment as possible. If no agreement can be reached the deposit will be refunded.

A treatment must be paid in full at the end of the  treatment.

More generally the organiser is in no way responsible for any prejudices directly or indirectly related to the above conditions or the behaviour of other participants.

All available written information related to the treatments are the sole property of the author and cannot be reproduced, handed over or published without her express written agreement.

All personal data and information will remain confidential. Written medical history etc. will be destroyed after 5 years.