Many people who have tried reflexology claim relief from many differing conditions such as Asthma, Depression, I.B.S. Headaches and Stress Relief.

Like many other complementary medicines, Reflexology is not new but has its roots in ancient civilisations of India, Africa, China and Egypt.
Reflexology is an ancient system of healing that has received much popularity due to the simplicity of its practice and its success in bringing better health to those receiving treatment.

At Wellsprings the therapist uses only her hands to apply gentle pressure to important reflex points found on the feet. These points relate directly to different organs of the body and when stimulated influence their action and performance.

This gives the Reflexologist the opportunity to release accumulated stress from the internal structure of the body, thereby restoring the natural energy flow essential for good health.

The treatment at Wellsprings lasts up to one hour. Prior to the treatment a consultation is necessary to discuss medical history.