“I have a two and a half year old little boy, who is amazing.

Lynne made me feel totally at ease and gave me the positive energy I have been looking for.

The Colonic Irrigation has given me the focus I wanted to get my healthy lifestyle and good habits back on track, I  feel fantastic”


“I had been away from home for several months working and I booked a colonic with Wellsprings on my return.

My wife had mentioned a Coffee Enema in the past and I thought while I was here I would give it a go.

After talking with Lynne a few of the topics discussed rang true to how I was feeling ,in myself and in my head and so I went ahead with the enema.

My experience minutes after completion were of weightlessness in my legs and my mind just felt totally clear.

I felt it cleansed and refreshed me, I am now doing 1 a day for 14 days at home and its remarkable.

You have to try it….seriously.”


“I highly recommend Lynne McDougall of Wellsprings Holistic Clinic in Leyland.

She is a qualified nurse with published books and over 20 years experience of specialist treatments in colonic irrigation and parasite cleansing in addition to other wellness and healing treatments.

This excellent treatment is available for everyone and it is highly recommend for people with ME and other chronic illnesses as part of their healing process.

It is very important to choose the right therapist and Lynne treats everyone as an individual with enormous empathy, care and sensitivity.

Parasite cleansing has proved to be an integral part of my own healing from severe ME and it was recommended to me by Dr Perrin (Phd. ME) himself.

Please contact Lynne “


“When I went for my first sound massage with Lynne I had no idea what to expect, but I found it to be an absolutely amazing experience!

I had issues with stress at the time and felt like a weight had been lifted. I almost floated out of the room afterwards.

The experience was incredibly serene and calming, and I felt the effects for many days afterwards.

Lynne is a wonderful person who immediately puts you at ease, and I would wholeheartedly recommend a sound massage with her to anyone.”