There has recently been several claims in the media promoting the health benefits of consuming at least three cups of coffee a day has a prevention against cancer especially liver cancer. This was the conclusion of 200 independents studies that found that the anti oxidants, contained in the caffeine make a significant impact on health.

Other recorded health benefits include:-

Reduce chronic pain
Improve digestion
Boost energy
Improve skin health
Assist in the fight against an overgrowth of yeast
Improve mental clarity and focus.
Ease PMT symptoms and contribute to hormonal regulation

This was no revelation to us at Wellsprings; we have been promoting and administering coffee enemas to our clients for several years. Initially pioneered by Dr Max Gerson in the 1940’s in the treatment plan of his cancer patients. Another important function of coffee enemas is that they excellerate the bodies detoxification process by enhancing the production of Glutathione by 700 per cent. Glutathione is also critical for immune function controlling inflammation and managing oxidative stress.

If you would like to hear more about the amazing benefits of coffee enemas or would like to experience a coffee enema following a colon hydrotherapy treatment please contact us and make an appointment.