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I AM NOT A DIRTY BITCH Author Lynne P. McDougall “You are nothing but a dirty bitch” was the response from my mother when I told her about the sexual abuse I was being subjected to on Friday nights when an uncle used to babysit. I AM NOT A DIRTY BITCH is both an autobiography

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Making an Appointment

Wellsprings Holistic Clinic is sorry but if you book an appointment and fail to attend there will be a cancellation fee of £25.00 or cancel an appointment with less than 12 hours notice. The following conditions of sale apply to all of the products and services offered by Wellsprings Holistic Clinic.  Named thereafter as

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Take your Coffee Orally or Rectally

There has recently been several claims in the media promoting the health benefits of consuming at least three cups of coffee a day has a prevention against cancer especially liver cancer. This was the conclusion of 200 independents studies that found that the anti oxidants, contained in the caffeine make a significant impact on health.

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